The medical technician is one who performs a number of tasks that involves collecting and analyzing data collected on samples of blood, urine, and other bodily fluids in order to determine if any abnormalities exists. Upon collection of the samples of bodily fluids, the medical technician will analyze the sample and perform any further research as needed in order to formulate final conclusions that either support or refute the physician’s diagnosis. A career as a medical technician requires great attention to detail as well as a clear and concise understanding of medical terminology. A medical technician can work either in a clinical setting or in the emergency setting of general hospitals.

Medical Technician Salary Information:

The salary for medical technicians can depend on factors such as location, education, experience. Medical technicians can expect to make anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000.

Medical Technician Education Requirements:

Typically the minimum required education is a 4 year bachelor degree with an emphasis in medical technology. A two year associated degree combined with experience can also be sufficient for obtaining a career as a medical technician. There are a number of different courses that students will have to take including mathematics, biology, chemistry, bio-science, microbiology, and other associated subjects. Students are encouraged to pursue further education in order to give themselves a better chance at getting the position they want. Students can also participate in internships and other work related training programs in order to get critical on the job experience. In some cases, those who wish to work as a medical technician may have to be licensed in order to work in certain settings. It also is generally a good idea to become certified in a number of different areas in order to become a more attractive candidate for employment.

Medical Technician Work Environment:

The working conditions of medical technicians  depend on what area or specialization they work in. Regardless of the area they work in, medical technicians are usually required to be on their feet the entire time while on duty. Emergency medical technicians can expect to have to deal with some job activities that are quite strenuous and require a good deal of lifting, bending, and kneeling. Laboratory and clinical medical technicians typically spend the majority of their time in clean hospital settings. Despite the fact that hospitals and clinics are usually sterilized environments, technicians still face exposure to illness and other airborne bacteria on a regular basis which is why face masks have to be worn quite often.

The medical technician profession is one that can take on a number of forms, and choosing the one that suits you will depend on the type of environment that you would like to work in. Those who pursue a career as a medical technician typically do so because they want to help others in any way possible through testing and analysis work. If you are looking at a job in the medical field you should give this position serious consideration.

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